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Baumbach to Direct Emperor's Children w/ Knightley & Bana

Baumbach to Direct Emperor's Children w/ Knightley & Bana: "
Keira Knightley & Eric Bana

Remember almost three years ago when we learned that Noah Baumbach (of The Squid and the Whale, Greenberg) had written an adaptation of Claire Messud's 2006 novel titled The Emperor's Children to be directed by Ron Howard. No? Well, you do now. But lots changes in three years and The Wrap's update is evidence of that as they've discovered Baumbach is now stepping up to direct this with Keira Knightley, Eric Bana and Richard Gere. Howard will still stay on with Brian Grazer as a producer, but he's officially decided to direct the infidelity comedy Your Cheating Heart with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James instead.

The story follows three Brown University graduates in New York in the months leading up to and following 9/11 who are approaching their 30s with trepidation as they struggle to realize the lofty expectations held for their personal and professional lives. This seems like the perfect drama for Baumbach who's captured many jaded, quirky characters on film. Honestly, I like this arrangement better because Howard has had a bit of a difficult time recently approaching drama without making it a bit melodramatic. Frost/Nixon is great to be sure, but it's a bit heavy handed, so it'll be nice for him to step back into comedy after being away from it for so long. In the meantime, I'm still waiting to see Greenberg which is doing quite well in its limited release.

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