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The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys Maziar Bahari's Life Rights

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart Buys Maziar Bahari's Life Rights: "
Maziar Bahari

This is awesome news! Pajiba is reporting that The Daily Show host/political comedian extraordinaire Jon Stewart has bought the 'life rights' of Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari to adapt into a feature film, although no writer and director is on-board yet. Didn't think Stewart was into feature films? Neither did I. Apparently he helps run a production company called Busboy Productions that will be producing the project with Rich Korson. It's currently untitled, but will likely tell Bahari's imprisonment and interrogation story from last year that was, apparently, brought on no thanks to a segment on Stewart's show previously.

Bahari, a journalist for Newsweek, was arrested last year during the Iranian Election Protests and held by the Iranian government for 118 days. They charged and falsely accused him of being a spy for Mossad, CIA, MI6, and even Newsweek, and was interrogated daily. Apparently he even confessed he was a spy because The Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones dressed as a spy for an interview with him. He later met up with Stewart again on the show for a great interview (you can watch that here). It sounds like a fascinating story and I'm intrigued to see this come together. It's still early in the development stages and doesn't have any studio involvement, but we'll keep you updated on this, as it sounds like a great project to keep our eye on.

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