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Discussion: More Red Band Trailer Controversy Arises Again

Discussion: More Red Band Trailer Controversy Arises Again: "
Red Band

We are a website that often runs red band trailers so I thought I would briefly comment on a new article in the NY Times (via SlashFilm) about an increased concern over the quantity and ease of access of red band trailers online. The paper says a Federal Trade Commission report from last December identifies red band trailers as a 'new concern' and that most age-verification 'gates' for the trailers are too lax; they should have better verification to confirm that the viewer is at least the age of 17. Every time Hollywood starts to get a little edgier in their marketing, the 'parents' of this country get angry with these concerns all over again.

I don't mind the occasional age gate and I'm fine with minimum age requirements (17+), but I think these complaints are just going too far. I mean come on, it's usually an edited trailer that may occasionally show violence or nudity, but not much, and not more than anyone can find publicly online or on TV anyway. Like every other inappropriate website on the internet, I think most kids can access them if they choose, but not all do. Complaining about poor prevention and saying it needs to be more rigorous isn't going to do much. These underage kids are still going to see the trailer if they want no matter what, even if there is an age gate.

I remember a few years ago when one of the major theater chains (Regal) decided to start running red band trailers again in front of R-rated movies. I thought it was a smart idea then and not an issue that should be contested. Although the marketers are trying to get the attention of as many people as possible, seeing a two minute clip that may by R-rated isn't the same as seeing the entire R-rated movie. I know there is going to be a heated response to all of this, saying I'm wrong, but those are my beliefs. And I'm sad these concerns have to be brought up again in mainstream media. Can't we just accept that it'll be out there and move on?

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