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Louis Leterrier Interested in the Y: The Last Man Adaptation?

Louis Leterrier Interested in the Y: The Last Man Adaptation?: "
Louis Leterrier / Y: The Last Man

There's been talk of an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's praised graphic novel series Y: The Last Man for a long time now. The most recent attempt had Shia LaBeouf attached to star in an adaptation directed by D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia), but that never came to fruition. Courtesy of an exclusive scoop from Latino Review, apparently Louis Leterrier, director of the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans as well as The Incredible Hulk, is now interested in taking on the project. Of course, with all the false starts the project has had, this is pretty much tossing up another prayer that the comic finds someone to direct this adaptation.

In case you don't recall, Y: The Last Man takes place in a time where a mysterious plague has killed every male on earth except our 'hero' Yorick Brown, who was somehow spared. The sole Y-chromosomed survivor is an amiable, headstrong young man, the son of a US congresswoman and, as it happens, an amateur escape artist. Yorick spends most of the story on the run from a tribe of self-styled Amazons bent on eliminating the last vestige of patriarchy. He is also trying to figure out why he survived through work with a bioengineer; hoping to reach his girlfriend in Australia; and, of course, contemplating the re-population of the planet.

This could be good and bad news for fans of the graphic novel, as it means there is at least new attention being brought to the series, but also that the attention is coming from a few filmmakers who are somewhat generic. The Incredible Hulk wasn't awful or anything, but it wasn't great, and Clash of the Titans looks like 300 meets Pirates of the Caribbean, which isn't necessarily bad, but not all that promising either. Having never read the graphic novels, I can't comment as to the perfect director to bring Vaughn's pages to life, so maybe others can help. If not Louis Leterrier, who would you like to see direct Y: The Last Man?

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