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Must Watch: Creepy Official UK Red Band Trailer for [Rec] 2!

Must Watch: Creepy Official UK Red Band Trailer for [Rec] 2!: "
[Rec] 2 Trailer

Ahhh! Anyone looking for a morning wake-up call? Just watch this! IGN has debuted a brand new official red band trailer for [Rec] 2, the Spanish sequel to the original horror film [Rec] from a few years back. It's not like we haven't seen this before, as this is the third time we've featured a trailer for [Rec] 2, but I feel like this is the most raw footage we've seen and damn does this look creepy as hell! I'd love to go watch this, but just like the original film, I'm not sure it'll ever come to the US on its own, only at a film festival, and that's a damn shame. Anyway, this is just an intense trailer that everyone needs to see anyway, so fire it up below!

Watch the brand new official UK red band trailer for [Rec] 2:

You can see the original teaser trailer for this from last year as well as a second follow-up teaser.

While you're at it, you might as well pick up the original [Rec] on DVD (via Amazon), as it was just finally officially released by Sony last year. This looks like it's a direct sequel to the original horror cult classic.

[Rec] 2 is both written and directed by Spanish filmmakers Jaume Balagueró (The Dark, Fragile) and Paco Plaza (Second Name, Werewolf Hunter), who worked together to direct the first [Rec] in 2007. In addition to Balagueró and Plaza, writer Manu Díez worked on this screenplay as well. [Rec] 2 is shot and ready to go, but doesn't have a US distributor yet. We'll let you know when or if it plays at any film festivals this year.

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