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Sheldon Turner to Make Directorial Debut with By Virtue Fall

Sheldon Turner to Make Directorial Debut with By Virtue Fall: "
Sheldon Turner

During this past awards season, there was plenty of praise surrounding Jason Reitman for his work on Up in the Air (my personal favorite film from last year), but hopefully you also heard Sheldon Turner's name being tossed around since he co-wrote the adapted script along with Reitman. Now the writer is set to make his directorial debut as Variety reports Turner will direct By Virtue Fall. He also wrote the script, which is about a man who is framed by his mentor and winds up in prison. Once released, he's fixated on getting revenge on his former partner, who has flourished in his new life and tried to cleanse himself of the past.

Sounds pretty generic, but aside from Turner's involvement behind the camera, producer Nicolas Chartier, who also made an Oscar splash with the Best Picture winning The Hurt Locker, is also on board. Turner has long desired to direct, and By Virtue Fall was one of those films he couldn't put into somebody else's hands, 'I approach it cautiously and reverently. This script was the first I've written that made me feel like I had no choice but to embark on my directing career. I cannot imagine anyone else directing this script.' Hopefully, we won't have wanted somebody else to direct it in the end either. Stay tuned as this project develops.

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