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Viral Encom Press Conference in San Francisco Next Weekend

Viral Encom Press Conference in San Francisco Next Weekend: "
Alan Bradley - Encom

Flynn Lives! I knew these Encom badges being sent out were more than just swag! A press release has been posted on the official (viral) website this morning for Encom International and a new video featuring Bruce Boxleitner as Encom's 'Executive Consultant' Alan Bradley has been posted on IGN. Looks like the Tron Legacy viral is about to really explode soon. The press release has information about an upcoming press conference being held in San Francisco on April 2nd starting at 8PM. And get this, the 'meet-up' is being held at a huge industrial plaza in downtown San Francisco. Is this Joker viral all over again, I hope?

I've included an embed of the video below, in which Bradley talks about what's going on in a faux-interview with IGN's Eric Moro. The press release says that Bradley 'will introduce the latest addition to the Encom International product library' next Friday. Some kind of software or new video game or something like that? Don't forget that all of this is part of the bigger story of Tron Legacy, as we all know that Encom stole all of Kevin Flynn's work in the original Tron and now they're a huge, successful company. Somehow they've retained Bradley as an 'Executive Consultant' at the company. That's exactly why this announcement is so mysterious and intriguing. What will they be announcing and why is he so intimately involved with this?

The press conference and reveal will take place at 8PM at Justin Herman Plaza (Google Maps link) on April 2nd, which is where they'll 'unveil the next generation in Encom innovation.' That plaza is located on the east side of San Fran near the Embarcadero Center. I'm not sure what exactly will be happening, but this already reminds me of the big Joker viral meet-ups for The Dark Knight that took place at parks and plazas exactly like this. And since WonderCon is happening next weekend in San Francisco anyway, this kind of all makes sense. Don't worry, we'll be there! Just don't forget to bring your Encom employee ID badge, too!

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