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Zack Snyder on That 300 Prequel and a 300 3D Re-Release?

Zack Snyder on That 300 Prequel and a 300 3D Re-Release?: "
Zack Snyder - 300

I'm sorry for mentioning 300 twice in our headline, but there really is twice the 300 news in this one post! SuperHeroHype spoke with director Zack Snyder last week at ShoWest and got an interesting update out of him about the 300 prequel that we know Frank Miller is writing titled Xerxes and also about a potential re-release of 300 in 3D. Warner Bros converted a section of the film to 3D to show how good it looked and now they want to convert the whole thing. 'I saw maybe like a ten-minute section [of 300] that they'd just done,' Zack told them. 'I haven't seen the whole movie but they're talking about doing the whole movie.'

As for the 300 prequel, Miller is currently working on it (as a graphic novel first), but we haven't heard too much about since that update last December. However, Snyder finally provides an update on what's going on with that and it sounds like he might potentially direct that prequel next after finishing SuckerPunch.

'I'm waiting on Frank (Miller) for the sequel to '300' and there's a really good chance that will be the thing we do,' he said, 'He's been working hard, so he's supposed to show me something really soon; actually in the next few months, he's going to show me something. There was a big discussion about what we would do for the sequel to '300' and I said, 'I didn't tell Frank what to write the first time, and I'm not telling him what to write this time,'' he told us when asked who came up with the idea for Xerxes. 'I'll take it and I'll adapt it and make it into a movie and I'll write a screenplay, but I want him to do whatever he thinks. I'm not going to say I'm 100%, like that's it, but on the other hand, I'm pretty confident it's going to be awesome. That would be the next thing and then I'm working on a sci-fi thing that Kurt and I are writing together, an original thing.'

I'm more interested in that sci-fi project he's talking about, but that sounds like a long ways out anyway. As we know, Xerxes is about the Battle of Marathon that took place in 490 BC during the first Persian invasion of Greece. I'm very curious to see how Frank Miller stylizes it and if it's an exact repeat of 300 with bigger battles or something else new and unique. Same goes for Zack Snyder - if he does direct that prequel/sequel after SuckerPunch, will he try to do something new and original again, or just rehash his work on 300 but with more soldiers and a bigger budget? There are still lots of questions, but few answers at the moment.

As for that re-release of 300 in 3D, it's entirely unnecessary, but there's not much we can do about it. I've heard rumors of other older movies getting 3D conversions for DVD releases (not even theatrical), which is an even worse idea, but I think the industry is trying to saturate the market with 3D as much as possible. Whatever happens, we'll keep you updated on all of this either way, for better or worse. Your thoughts?

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