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Brad Bird Now in Final Negotiations to Direct MI:4 After All!

Brad Bird Now in Final Negotiations to Direct MI:4 After All!: "
Brad Bird

A few weeks back, we reported that The Incredibles and Ratatouille director Brad Bird was one of three contenders to direct Mission Impossible 4 for Paramount. Well, NY Mag's Vulture is now claiming that they've heard from insiders that Bird has won them over and is in final negotiations to direct, but only if he agrees to a lower price (since directing for three years on animated movies earned him more than they want to pay him now). This is fantastic news, as I was incredibly excited to hear that Bird's first live-action film might be the follow-up to J.J. Abrams' intense third Mission Impossible that I know lots of people enjoyed.

Of course, since all of this isn't completely official yet, anything could happen and Bird could be too rigid with his price and Paramount could choose someone else instead (who are the other options?). However, I take this as a sign that this is going to move forward with Bird because production needs to get underway soon if they're going to make that May 27th, 2011 release date that they set. This will definitely be Bird's chance to prove that he's as talented directing live-action as he is directing animated movies. I'm already looking forward to seeing what kind of Mission Impossible he delivers. Exciting times ahead! Thoughts?

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