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Check This Out: 100 Pixar Characters' Real Size Comparison

Check This Out: 100 Pixar Characters' Real Size Comparison: "
100 Pixar Characters

Disney has been doing some early promo for Toy Story 3 at Pixar in San Fran and I've been hearing nothing but talk about Pixar all day today (but that's not a bad thing). That's why I immediately fell in love with this new graphic created by Chilean designer Juan Pablo Bravo called 100 Pixar Characters that compares the 'real' sizes of 100 different characters next to each other. You've all seen these kinds of graphics before, but this is just incredible to see, and I already want a high res version of this to print and frame and hang on my wall. Bravo includes characters from all 11 of their movies (including Toy Story 3) as well as 19 short films.

100 Pixar Characters

100 Pixar Characters

This is one of those incredible graphics that you must see fullsize, so please click on either of those photos above to be taken to Flickr where you can see the full uncut graphic, which spans about 10 pages to the right. Just looking at this, I get that genuine feel of love and compassion for Pixar that I always get when I watch their movies. I love every last one of these characters and it's kind of amusing to see that the Finding Nemo fish are super small in comparison to the Monsters Inc monsters (who are all much bigger than I thought) and so on. I really love these kind of graphics and I'm so happy we got one for Pixar. Hope you liked it, too!

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