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Day X Viral Game for Angelina Jolie's Salt is Launching Soon?

Day X Viral Game for Angelina Jolie's Salt is Launching Soon?: "
Day X Exists License Plate

If you've seen the trailers for Sony's summer action movie Salt starring Angelina Jolie, you'll know that it has some kind of mysterious double crossing secret agent storyline where Jolie's actually a Russian spy. As expected with a plot like that, Sony is soon launching a big viral for the movie called the Day X Exists Game where users 'become an undercover agent on the hunt for the elusive fugitive Evelyn Salt and stop the mysterious Day X plot.' There's nothing on the website for the game yet besides a sign-up, so it hasn't started, but there are clues out there, like that website URL found in the trailer as seen in the photo above.

I have to thank our friends at MovieViral.com for first writing about this. The key sites for this movie are whoissalt.com and dayxexists.com as well as their Twitter: @SaltMovie. One of their recent tweets mentions that 'the 1st clue is in the SALT movie trailer.' They're referring to the most recent trailer from a couple of weeks ago and the clue pops up at about 1:48 into it - the URL for the game site is seen on the license plate (see photo above). That's a pretty well hidden clue, and I'm curious to see where else we'll find the next clues (posters? swag?). I'm looking forward to seeing this launch into a good ARG. Stay tuned for more updates.

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