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Doug Liman Directing WB's Version of The Three Musketeers

Doug Liman Directing WB's Version of The Three Musketeers: "
Doug Liman

I'm already tired of writing about these movies and neither of them have even started shooting yet! A few weeks back, we wrote about the dual Three Musketeers projects: Paul W.S. Anderson is directing one of them in 3D later this year, and the other is in development at Warner Bros. Well, Heat Vision is reporting that Jumper director Doug Liman has landed the directing job on the Warner Bros project (although they say he's only 'in negotiations', but that's close enough). The Devil Wears Prada director David Frankel was WB's other top choice, but it looks like Liman beat him out in the end. But does any of this even matter?

The selling point of this Warner Bros version of Alexandre Dumas' The Three Musketeers is that it's being produced by Lionel Wigram, the same guy who came up with the dark, gritty Sherlock Holmes we saw last December. As expected, this will probably shoot in 3D (Anderson's version is definitely 3D), but it's not far enough along in development for any other details. The sad part is that these two projects will be competing head-to-head and both sound the same. There's nothing that I can tell will differentiate the two, except that one is being directed by a very mediocre director, and the other is in the hands of another director I don't care much for. So in the end, we'll have two Three Musketeers movies that no one cares about? How fun!

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