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Encom Event 'Jumper' Revealed - New Sam Flynn Viral Video

Encom Event 'Jumper' Revealed - New Sam Flynn Viral Video: "
Sam Flynn

Last night I attended the big Encom press conference viral event for Tron Legacy in San Francisco. I put together a full recap and rundown yesterday evening, and if you read that, you'll know the event didn't seem to go exactly as planned. However, two new videos have been posted over on FlynnLives.com this morning, including a great video that shows Sam Flynn (Kevin Flynn's son, played by Garrett Hedlund) getting into the Encom helicopter and jumping out. It turns out he was the parachuter who jumped out of the helicopter, but no one knew that at the event at the time, but now it all makes some sense. Check out the video below.

Here's the important pieces of dialogue: 'They've got a big announcement. Well, what about mine? [19]89 - that's the year that everything changed.' That's the year Kevin Flynn disappeared and Sam Flynn is now on a mission to find his dad. And, as we know, he's trying to take down and get into Encom to figure out what happened. So we finally have a bit of an explanation behind what was happening last night and I'm actually very impressed. This video was awesome to see and I hope it gives everyone a little more perspective on this event. From here, we'll be waiting and watching closely to see what happens next with this viral. Stay tuned!

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