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First Details on Tabloid, the New Film From Errol Morris

First Details on Tabloid, the New Film From Errol Morris: "


If you follow Errol Morris on Twitter, you’ll know that he’s been finishing up a new film called Tabloid. For the most part, we haven’t known much about what the film covers, as he’s been quite oblique in referencing the project. But the simple fact of Morris making a new movie is exciting enough. The man hasn’t made a bad documentary (OK, his dramatic feature The Dark Wind isn’t so hot) and many of his films hold well-earned spots on best-of lists for the year of their release.

Now we know a bit more about Tabloid, and if the pieces are coming together as appears to be the case, then it might be one to please audiences who take more to the quirky, focused portraits Morris sometimes creates. Read the rest of this post on SlashFilm.com…

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