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First Look: Concept Art from Carl Erik Rinsch's Project 'Small'

First Look: Concept Art from Carl Erik Rinsch's Project 'Small': "
Carl Erik Rinsch's Small

Yesterday we featured an amazing short film from commercials director Carl Erik Rinsch called The Gift (watch it here) that had a sci-fi story featuring robots set in a futuristic Russia. Later in the day, Heat Vision reported that a bidding war between Warner Bros and Fox had broken out over rights to a feature version of the short. SlashFilm is saying that is the case, but claiming that the short was actually created as a prologue to a feature that Rinsch has already written and packaged called Small. The go along with all of that news, they got their hands on two awesome concept art photos from that project, which already looks incredible.

Check out both of the concept art photos directly below, with more details on the project underneath them.

Carl Erik Rinsch's Small - Concept Art

Carl Erik Rinsch's Small - Concept Art

The story picks up directly where the short leaves off, so if you were upset about that abrupt ending, don't worry, it continues. The concept art was created by J.J. Palomo's FX company in Spain, who Rinsch already works with on his commercials. He used his own money to fund the development of this project, including this early art. We're not sure how that space pod and snow-suit mech fit into this, but it looks pretty damn cool, to say the least. Rinsch has also apparently said that it's a mix between '2001, Blade Runner and Doctor Zhivago, with a bit of Bourne-style action.' Damn, I cannot wait to see this guy direct a feature! How soon until that happens? Because I'm pretty much foaming at the mouth for a Rinsch-directed movie!

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