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New Iron Man 2 Viral Updates: Fans Buzzing About AccuTech

New Iron Man 2 Viral Updates: Fans Buzzing About AccuTech: "

We've been keeping tabs on the Iron Man 2 mini-viral launch this past week, but nothing too exciting has really happened (or so I claim). Earlier in the week, SlashFilm found a website for a Stark Industries spin-off company (aka subsidiary) called AccuTech that has somehow become the primary focus of the entire viral. Packages started showing up with boxes of cheesy AccuTech swag, but then everyone started picking up on the logo, which seemed to be a little too similar to The Avengers logo which also consists of an 'A' inside of a circle as well. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but that seems to be the biggest buzz related to this viral.

You can visit the full AccuTech website here: starkexpo2010.com/accutech/. I'm surprised they couldn't buy their own URL, but that's besides the point. There's a video introducing a 'HazTech Exoskeleton' on the site, which many believe is another viral hint at something in the movie. You can also read through the rest of the minimal amount of information found there. Marvel.com also posted a new letter from Tony Stark himself that talks about the Stark Expo returning this year (refer to starkexpo2010.com). Other sites buzzing about the logo similarities include CHUD and BleedingCool, so I'll leave all of that speculation up to them.

So far I'm not really that impressed with this viral campaign for Iron Man 2. The websites are pretty dull and its all about speculation and stuff like 'could this be that armor from that scene in that movie?!' I wish they had a more solid direction and more for us to latch onto and interact with as it builds, but that's all we got, so check out the websites above. As always, if you find anything new anywhere, be sure to let us know!

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