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Ridley Scott Already Thinking About New Robin Hood Sequels

Ridley Scott Already Thinking About New Robin Hood Sequels: "
Robin Hood

Don't take this news the wrong way, as it seems to be an increasingly popular trend to talk about sequels to big blockbusters months before they hit theaters. Found in a Times Online article (via SlashFilm) profiling Sir Ridley Scott and his upcoming Robin Hood movie are some new quotes about a sequel and where it might be headed. Since no one has seen Robin Hood yet, it's hard to talk about where that ends, but that's where Ridley comes in and tells us exactly where the movie ends. Apparently this movie is an origin story, compared to Batman Begins, that shows us everything up until Robin is outlawed. So what will come next?

'It is the beginnings of how the man becomes known as Robin the Hood,' explains Scott. 'You don't really get that until the last few minutes. When you realise that 'Ah, this is who he is'.' Scott smiles. 'Let's say we might presume there's a sequel… Honestly, I thought why not have the potential for a sequel, particularly if it is a genre that you absolutely love and has never been fully explored? If there were to be a sequel to Robin Hood, you would have a constant enemy throughout, King John, and you would follow his reign of 17 years, and the signing of Magna Carta could be Robin's final act.'

I don't know about everyone else, but I kind of liked the Hollywood fantasy version of Robin Hood that wore green tights and had a group of merry men more, not the realistic gritty one that apparently actually existed. However, as a big fan of Ridley Scott and Gladiator (one of my all-time faves), I'm open to being sucked the that world that Ridley has crafted. As in, if it's really that good, I'll just let the movie speak for itself. And I'll probably walk out excited to see a sequel right away (like Star Trek). I've been impressed by the trailers, I'm just worried the story won't be all that interesting, but we'll find out soon enough. If you're curious to learn more, head over to Times Online to read their full report on Robin Hood, due out in theaters on May 14th.

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