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Ryan Reynolds to Star in Adaptation of Graphic Novel R.I.P.D.

Ryan Reynolds to Star in Adaptation of Graphic Novel R.I.P.D.: "

While there's plenty of comic book and graphic novel adaptations out there, very few actors have taken on more than one comic book character from different properties. However, Ryan Reynolds doesn't seem to be intimidated by taking on the challenge. Not only is Reynolds playing ball with Marvel (Deadpool) and DC Comics (Green Lantern) but now Collider has learned that Reynolds will star in an adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel R.I.P.D. (or Rest In Peace Department) where he'll be playing a dead cop that makes a deal to work one hundred years in divine law enforcement in exchange for a shot at finding who killed him.

Producer Neal Moritz (whose been all over the news recently) describes this as a buddy action comedy that follows Reynolds' recently deceased cop character and a gunslinger who has been dead for hundreds of years as they find themselves "patrolling the deadbeat… reporting to one boss. Yes that boss.' And although policing the dead and working for the devil sounds pretty damn dark, this will apparently still only be rated PG-13 in the end. Moritz says they're still figuring out who will star opposite Reynolds, but I'm interested in this project simply based on the concept and Reynolds involvement alone so far. Anyone else with me?

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