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Scarlett Johansson & Sam Rockwell Cast in Kubrick's Lost Film

Scarlett Johansson & Sam Rockwell Cast in Kubrick's Lost Film: "
Scarlett Johansson & Sam Rockwell

Wait, wait, wait - Stanley Kubrick had a long lost project? Apparently so. The film is called Lunatic at Large and is based on a treatment by pulp author Jim Thompson that was commissioned by Kubrick in the late 1950s, after the two worked together on The Killing and Paths Of Glory. The script was discovered the a few years ago (read a NY Times article on it) and has been floating around for at least a few years. However, Production Weekly is reporting today on their Twitter (via The Playlist) that both Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell are attached to star in Lunatic at Large. They've got a few good actors for now. Read on!

Set in New York in 1956, Lunatic at Large tells the story of Johnnie Sheppard, an ex-carnival worker with serious anger-management issues, and Joyce, a nervous, attractive barfly he picks up from a Hopperesque tavern scene. It's described as 'a dark and surprising mystery' about a person who is 'the true escapee from a nearby mental hospital.' Kubrick was supposed to follow up Spartacus with this, but the only copy of the manuscript was lost and later found in his library. The latest draft of the script was finished by Stephen R. Clarke in 2006, but we don't know too much else, including production details (when will it start shooting?).

It's not surprising that Johansson and Rockwell were interested in this. Any and everyone in Hollywood is probably jumping at the opportunity to work on a project that has the late Stanley Kubrick's name attached, even if it's just as a writer. If it's true that both actors have signed on, I'm sure a director is close behind, as they wouldn't be this far along without one. Chris Palmer has been attached since 2006, but no word if he's still involved at this point. This sounds like it could be a great project with touch of Kubrick, who hasn't left any mark on the big screen since Eyes Wide Shut in 1999. We'll keep you updated best we can. Stay tuned!

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