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Snakes on a Plane's David R. Ellis Directing Shark Night 3D

Snakes on a Plane's David R. Ellis Directing Shark Night 3D: "
Great White Shark

If it weren't for the fact that David R. Ellis directed the awesome Snakes on a Plane, I probably wouldn't be reporting on this at all. But ever since that crazy movie hit in 2006, I've been covering anything Ellis gets attached to, even though I chose not to even see The Final Destination (which he also directed). Deadline reports that Ellis will next direct a film called Shark Night 3D which is being billed as 'Jaws for the 3D generation.' Yep, now you can groan and complain all you want, but screw it, this could be fun (remember Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus?). Shooting starts in summer down in Louisiana with a $28 million budget.

The script was written by Jesse Studenberg and Will Hayes and is supposedly a 'scary 3D ride.' Ellis will shoot Shark Night 3D with actual 3D cameras just like he did on The Final Destination (although that didn't convince me to see that movie at all). More reasons why this could be awesome: Ellis was the second unit director on other 'water' films like The Perfect Storm and Deep Blue Sea; and the animatronic sharks will be built by Walt Conti, who was responsible for the sharks in Deep Blue Sea and the snakes in Anaconda. As terrible as this sounds, I'm excited, probably because I love shark movies so damn much. Bring it on, I say!

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