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Taylor Kitsch to Star in Battleship

Taylor Kitsch to Star in Battleship: "

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch will star in Peter Berg’s water based epic action adaptation of the board game Battleship. The story unfolds as “a massive Naval adventure across the seas, in the skies and over land as our planet fights for survival against a superior force.”

The superior force are aliens from another planet known as The Regents. They come from a world similar to ours, and aren’t actually looking to take over humanity or the planet Earth. Instead, they’re on a mission to build a power source in the ocean, which is where they come in contact with a navy fleet. The film will also show us both sides of the story—from the aliens’ perspective, as well as the humans.

Kitsch will play the main character, Alex Hopper, the Commanding Officer of a destroyer who is in charge of a team of five trusted shipmates which include the XO, a female Japanese commander, and a Scotty-like chief engineer. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) was originally in talks for the same part, but could not accept due to “schedule conflicts”. HeatVision, who broke the story, describes the character as “wildly spirited” and “a great seaman but a lousy politician.”

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