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Tom Arnold Also Lands a Role in Peter Berg's Battleship Movie

Tom Arnold Also Lands a Role in Peter Berg's Battleship Movie: "
Tom Arnold

In what might one of the most spot on casting announcements recently (who doesn't think of Tom Arnold when casting a crazy Naval officer), Movieline has learned that Tom Arnold has indeed joined the cast of Peter Berg's Battleship movie. Earlier today it was announced that Taylor Kitsch (of Wolverine and John Carter of Mars) will be playing one of the leads, but it was Arnold himself who leaked the news about being on-board this project. Apparently he left a comment on another article saying, 'Doing Pete Berg’s Battleship in Australia in August, got my kids camp and indies for Sundance plus the standup and comedy special.'

This does seem a little bit sketchy, but I trust that Movieline wouldn't report this as news unless they really confirmed that Tom Arnold wrote that, plus who would randomly say something like that? Oddly enough, Battleship isn't actually shooting in Australia anymore, as production has been moved to Louisiana instead (just like Green Lantern). We also know that the plot involves a US naval fleet that battles aliens called The Regents who are trying to build a power source in the water. And although it may start shooting in August, Battleship won't hit theaters until May 25th, 2012, so we've got a while until we see Arnold in the Navy.

Maybe it's just because I've got McHale's Navy on my mind, the comedy where Tom Arnold plays Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale, that makes me feel like this casting is just pitch perfect. Now I'm wondering who else Peter Berg has cast in this to go along with Taylor Kitsch and Tom Arnold. I can't wait to find out. Any ideas?

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