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Vera Farmiga's Directorial Debut Will Be With Higher Ground

Vera Farmiga's Directorial Debut Will Be With Higher Ground: "
Vera Farmiga / This Dark World

Interesting tidbit of news today. Production Weekly reports (via IONCinema) that Oscar nominated actress Vera Farmiga will step behind the camera for her directorial debut on a film called Higher Ground. The project is an adaptation of Carolyn Briggs' memoir This Dark World, which is a look at the nature of faith and a story of one woman's struggle to find her place in the world. Before you shrug this off as another religious film, the story is actually about a young mother who begins to question the 'religious dogma' that she has embraced all of her life - another anti-faith film to join with Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master.

Farmiga will start shooting this in upstate New York in June after she finishes Duncan Jones' Source Code. She will also star in the film (not sure what role?) in addition to directing it, however it doesn't sound like she worked on the script. According to IMDb, the screenplay was co-written by author Carolyn Briggs and Tim Metcalfe (Revenge of the Nerds). It's always interesting to watch projects like this develop, because inevitably at some point they're going to be protested, and I have a feeling this one may get picked on early. However, Farmiga may balance the anti-faith sentiments and leave the final decision up to the audience, not force it down our throats. Or so I hope that's the case, but we'll eventually find out. Stay tuned for updates!

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