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Watch This: Crazy Fun New International Knight & Day Trailer

Watch This: Crazy Fun New International Knight & Day Trailer: "
Knight & Day Trailer

Fox has debuted a new international trailer for their summer action movie Knight & Day starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. We've already seen at least two other official US trailers for this, so there's not much new footage or story that we get to see this time around. To be honest, I'm actually getting a bit tired of watching trailers for this. They're designed the same way: 'It was some guy who was a terrorist!' then we meet Cruise again and go on a wild ride for the rest of it. In fact, this may literally be the exact same trailer as the other new one, but whatever. I'm still excited for this, but I don't need to see more footage. Enjoy!

Watch the new international trailer for Knight & Day:

An action-comedy that follows a fugitive couple on a deadly adventure where nothing is what it seems.

Knight & Day, formerly known as Wichita or Trouble Man, is directed by New York-born filmmaker James Mangold, of 3:10 to Yuma, Walk the Line, Identity, Kate & Leopold, Girl Interrupted, and also Cop Land previously. The screenplay was written by first-timer Patrick O'Neill whose only other writing credit is on a TV show called 'Dead Last.' 20th Century Fox is bringing Knight & Day to theaters (thankfully not in 3D, as far as we know) starting on June 25th this summer. Looking forward to seeing this in theaters or not?

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