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Confirmed: Bryan Singer Only Producing X-Men: First Class

Confirmed: Bryan Singer Only Producing X-Men: First Class: "
Bryan Singer

Earlier this week we heard rumblings from HitFix that Bryan Singer would no longer be directing X-Men: First Class as he was already deep in pre-production on Warner Bros' Jack the Giant Killer and couldn't be taken away from the project for Fox's quick plans to get a new superhero franchise off the ground. Deadline has confirmed this is the case, but as we speculated after that in-depth interview with Singer and producer Lauren Shuler Donner, Singer will stay on as producer. As excited as I was for Singer to return to X-Men (I think X2 is one of the best comic book films to date) there is at least one reason why this isn't a bad thing.

Fox is moving fast on First Class, not to simply screw Singer out of the directing gig, but because the execs flipped out over a spectacular script from Jamie Moss, based on a treatment from Singer himself, and seems to be the first installment of a new trilogy. So while it may be bad news (at least for me and some fans) that Singer won't be returning to direct First Class, it means that they've at least got a solid script to work from and just need the right director to bring it to life. However, this isn't officially the next X-Men project as Fox also was very pleased with Christopher McQuarrie's draft of the Wolverine sequel, so maybe Hugh Jackman can convince Singer to take on that job next. We'll have to wait and see. Still excited for more X-Men?

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