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Mortensen and Cronenberg Returning for Eastern Promises 2

Mortensen and Cronenberg Returning for Eastern Promises 2: "
Eastern Promises

Director David Cronenberg seems to be having some trouble recently getting his projects into production. For a while he was attached to The Matarese Circle with Denzel Washington, but that now seems to be stuck once again. However, Cronenberg is finally shooting his Sigmund Freud film The Talking Cure this summer, and now Deadline reports that he will then move right into Eastern Promises 2 this winter. Apparently British producer Paul Webster has been lining up numerous projects, one of which is this sequel, that Focus Features 'hopes to [shoot] this winter' and will star Viggo Mortensen as the Russian hitman Nikolai again.

Not much information was revealed, besides that Mortensen will be back and Cronenberg will be directing again from a script written by Steven Knight, who also wrote the first film. Mortensen and Cronenberg are already working together on The Talking Cure (Mortensen as Freud), which makes this sequel all the more interesting. If everything works out, we'll see two back-to-back films from Mortensen and Cronenberg, one of which is a sequel to a critically lauded and Oscar nominated film from just a few years back. I wasn't the biggest fan of Eastern Promises (every time I say that I get torn apart in the comments), but that's actually besides the point. Is anyone getting a little tired of seeing these two work together or this more great news?

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