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The Crafty Frouds Say a Dark Crystal Sequel Still on the Way

The Crafty Frouds Say a Dark Crystal Sequel Still on the Way: "
Dark Crystal

In case you were unaware, Brian & Wendy Froud are the duo responsible for much of the intricate and spectacular work in the art department on the props, sets and creature design on cult classics like The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. A sequel to the former, titled The Power of the Dark Crystal has been rumored / gestating for quite some time, but the last we heard back in August, was pretty much the same news we've been hearing for awhile with no real progression. Leicester Square TV (via SlashFilm) just recently caught up with the Frouds, where they offer at least a tiny bit of hope for the sequel, which they say is still on track.

Though they don't really reveal too much more info about The Power of the Dark Crystal than we've heard previously, their involvement is integral to the success off a sequel since their work is a huge reason that The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth have become such cult classic favorites. The Frouds state in the interview: 'We are involved. [We] have done some designs for it. We've been talking to the director and we've been involved with the script. We don't know quite when it's gonna go or when it's gonna happen.' So nothing more than a few vague updates for a sequel that is long overdue for fans and couldn't come sooner anyway, but that's it.

Perhaps the Jim Henson Company is waiting to see how the new Muppet movie tracks with audiences first and will then decide just how quickly they want to act on this sequel. But for those looking for something to hold them over, the Frouds also mention they have been involved with new graphic novels in the works for both The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. So does anyone actually want to see a Dark Crystal sequel?

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