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It's Official - Legendary & Warner Bros Bringing Back Godzilla

It's Official - Legendary & Warner Bros Bringing Back Godzilla: "

Frankly, I'm surprised that this hasn't come to fruition sooner after the moderate success of Peter Jackson's 2005 reincarnation of King Kong, but with all of the current studio trends, it was only just a matter of time. Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros officially announced today that they are starting to develop and all new movie based on the iconic movie monster Godzilla, which first terrorized Tokyo for the first time over 50 years ago in 1954, courtesy of Toho Studios. Though no writer is mentioned yet, WB and Legendary hope to announce a director to helm the new Godzilla imminently with a look to release the film sometime in 2012.

The most recent and successful incarnation of the large radioactive lizard from 1998 had Independence Day masterminds Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich bringing a contemporary version of the monster to New York City, which brought in a total of $379 million worldwide. But don't let the box office fool you, because despite some fairly intricate action sequences and what I also remember to be a stellar marketing campaign, the film is actually pretty low quality, with some of the worst acting I've ever seen from Matthew Broderick.

Any die-hard fans of the classic monster should be less worried since the original production company, Toho Studios, has high hopes for the return of Godzilla this time. Hideyuki Takai, President of Toho Co., Ltd says:

'Godzilla is a signature Japanese character which we have nurtured over the years. It is a great honor to reach an agreement with Legendary Pictures, the parent to many a blockbuster film, and we are delighted in rebooting the character together to realize its much anticipated return by fans from all over the world. We are anxious to find out where Godzilla's new stomping will take us.'

Established intellectual property strikes again as studios continue to hold on to name recognition to rake in the dough from audiences who will not only flock to theaters to see the new Godzilla, but most likely, see the lizard attack some major metropolitan area in 3-D (that's expected anyway). But how fresh can Godzilla be after Cloverfield quite successfully updated the movie monster franchise in one fell swoop? Legendary and WB certainly have their work cut out for them if they're hoping to be bigger and better than Cloverfield. Stay tuned as we hear more about this reboot and find out who will be directing it. Anyone interested so far?

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