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Matthew Vaughn Will Be Adapting Valiant's Bloodshot Next?

Matthew Vaughn Will Be Adapting Valiant's Bloodshot Next?: "

Although it's still yet to be seen if Matthew Vaughn's self-funded comic book adaptation of Kick-Ass is as big of a success as we're hoping it will be, but that isn't stopping Vaughn from apparently already setting up his next new comic book project. Latino Review is reporting that instead of reteaming with Kick-Ass writer Mark Millar again (who's apparently becoming quite a big pain in the ass in Hollywood) or taking on X-Men 4, Vaughn will be adapting the now defunct comic book Bloodshoot that used to be published by Valiant Comics in the 90s. Vaughn will co-write with Jane Goldman and fully finance this on his own once again.

Bloodshot is about a 're-animated' government assassin killing machine named Angelo Mortalli. Once a former ruthless mob killer, he's taken by the FBI and injected with nanites after being killed and is brought back to life with superhuman abilities but no memory of his past life. That concept kind of reminds me of The Punisher meets Jason Bourne in a very twisted sort of way. Vaughn's adaptation will supposedly focus on only Volume 2 of the Bloodshot series. If all goes well, Vaughn will be casting this summer and shooting later this year. But, of course, we're all waiting to see how Kick-Ass does in theaters. I'm hoping for the best.

Having seen Kick-Ass twice now, I can tell you that Matthew Vaughn's formula for independently financing and adapting his own comic book movies exactly the way he wants, does indeed work great. I was ready to hand over buckets of money (if I had any) to Vaughn after seeing Kick-Ass in hopes of further supporting his anti-Hollywood methods of filmmaking. There's no way in hell that Kick-Ass would've ever been made in the Hollywood system and I have a feeling he feels the same about Bloodshot, too. I, for one, would love to see Vaughn follow-up one great adaptation with another, so I'm hoping all this turns out to be true! Stay tuned.

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