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Millar Says Wanted 2 Will Get New Comic Character to Continue

Millar Says Wanted 2 Will Get New Comic Character to Continue: "
Mark Millar - Wanted

A couple of weeks back it was reported that Angelina Jolie was 'ditching' the Wanted sequel to supposedly move on to Alfonso Cauron's new sci-fi project Gravity (even though it turns out she's no longer attached to that). Some reports were saying this might mean the death of that sequel, but author Mark Millar recently spoke with MTV and confirmed that Universal and director Timur Bekmambetov are planning to move on without Jolie and put together the film anyway with a new character from the comic book in place of Jolie. 'What they're talking about is just moving on with the story and doing it properly,' Millar said. Read on!

Hopefully you've seen Wanted if you're reading this, because Millar drops one hell of a big spoiler. 'They killed off the most recognizable character, but I thought it was great to do that,' Millar told MTV. 'It was so ballsy to kill off the one person you didn't expect to die.' What a great way to get rid of Angelina Jolie from this series, but Universal was hoping she'd return because I'm sure they don't think this sequel will be a success without her. Now they're writing in new characters. 'Just bringing in another cool character as this world opens up with all the different fraternities out there all across the world. This could change at any moment, but the last I heard two weeks ago, was that was the plan moving forward.' There you have it!

I haven't actually read the Wanted graphic novel, but I've been told it's actually better than the movie, so I'm sure it does have a rich world to pull more characters from. And honestly, I think most fans are happy seeing Jolie's character Fox not return anyway because, well, she died, as we all know, and it would be weird to see them come up with some bullsh*t plot device to bring her back from the dead. Since I'm not so familiar with the graphic novel I can't suggest other characters we might see in place of Jolie, but I expect to see another strong female lead, maybe as a new love interest. Any idea who we could see in this sequel instead?

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