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Must Watch: Fantastic International Animal Kingdom Trailer

Must Watch: Fantastic International Animal Kingdom Trailer: "
Animal Kingdom Trailer

Don't be confused, this isn't a Disney movie at all. Animal Kingdom is the incredibly intense and highly praised gang drama from Australia that played at Sundance earlier this year (watch our video review). Back in December, an early teaser hit, but this is the trailer that everyone needs to watch to understand what this movie is and why it's so damn good. I know it's hard to get excited for something without seeing any footage when there's buzz coming from a big festival, but now we've got this trailer to introduce you to one of the best films coming out of Sundance this year. Although I think it does show a little too much. Watch below.

Watch the international trailer for David Michôd's Animal Kingdom:

Be sure to check out the official website for the film located at: animalkingdommovie.com

Animal Kingdom is both written and directed by Australian filmmaker David Michôd. Here's a great little blurb from the Sundance guide: 'Wielding a formidable cinematic lexicon, writer/director David Michôd shows complete command of every frame as he shifts between simmering intensity and gut-wrenching drama. There isn't a false note in the film as it follows through on the tantalizing promise displayed in his shorts and unleashes a fierce new voice in Australian cinema.' Make sure you add this to your list of films to see from Sundance, it's worth it! Sony Pictures Classics picked this up but hasn't set an opening yet.

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