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Chris Nolan's Inception Rumored to Be Premiering in Cannes

Chris Nolan's Inception Rumored to Be Premiering in Cannes: "

We'll be providing some early coverage of the Cannes Film Festival leading up to the fest in May since I will be attending again this year. Anyway, I first saw mention that Christopher Nolan's Inception might be headed to Cannes over on The Playlist earlier this week, but I didn't actually think it was anything more than a rumor until Anne Thompson tweeted this reply last night: 'Word is Inception is a real Cannes possibility.' So maybe it is more than just a rumor? The Playlist says that they've heard that Inception 'may unspool in a work-in-progress screening at the festival,' but that was only a rumor. Now I really can't wait for Cannes.

Inception is probably my second most anticipated movie this year (behind Tron Legacy) and I get the chills just thinking about it potentially premiering at Cannes, even if it just a 'work-in-progress' version. I'm a bit nervous about Chris Nolan agreeing to show an unfinished version of his movie (since it'd be mostly the FX that would be unfinished), but I have a feeling the Cannes programmers really want that movie to premiere there alongside of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood (the only other high profile premiere confirmed so far), it will happen. Not to mention the extra press it'll get by premiering there. Warner Bros currently has the movie set to open on July 16th. We'll keep you updated on whether this turns out to be true or not, so stay tuned!

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