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Neal H. Moritz's Future Includes The Boys & Escape from NY

Neal H. Moritz's Future Includes The Boys & Escape from NY: "
Neal H. Moritz

Another day, another remake, right? Neal H. Moritz (seen above) is one of those producers who attaches himself to about 20 or 30 upcoming projects, everything from Fast & Furious to Goosebumps to Cliffhanger to Doc Savage to Highlander. He's currently in post-production on Battle: Los Angeles and Green Hornet and is also preparing both Fast Five to start in July along with Bryan Singer's Jack the Giant Killer - he's a very busy man. Our good friend Steve of Collider recently interviewed Moritz and has been posting huge updates on all of his projects. This time he gives us a full rundown on what his next 11 projects are in order.

We'll just let Moritz himself give his rundown on what's coming up for him. Here's his upcoming line-up:

"The next things for me, the next three… well I'm making Fast and Furious 5 in June/July. We're doing Jack the Giant Killer with Bryan Singer in July, we start that. And then I'm doing The Change-Up with David Dobkin as [the director and] Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman for Universal. That'll start in October. And the next kind of wave for me will be 21 Jump Street, hopefully The Boys, hopefully Escape from New York. Highlander for sure, I'm doing that with Justin Lin after we finish Fast and the Furious. There's a submarine movie called Hunter Killer and then I'm going to do R.I.P.D. which is something that I'm really, really excited about. Sinbad hopefully and Preacher are kind of my next wave of stuff.'

Damn this guy has a lot in the works, and that's barely the tip of the iceberg (check out IMDb). We already know plenty about most of these projects, like that The Change-Up is one of those lame body switch movies, and that Reynolds is attached to the R.I.P.D. comic adaptation, but no director is on-board yet. We've also heard a bit about the 21 Jump Street movie, which will be directed by Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball's Phil Lord and Chris Miller; and we also know that A Nightmare on Elm Street director Sam Bayer wants to direct The Boys, but isn't signed on yet. So what else can Moritz tell us about his other upcoming projects?

In regards to Preacher, the adaptation of Garth Ennis' comic, Moritz says: 'We now have a terrific script that John August wrote. We were originally talking with Sam Mendes about doing the movie. Sam Mendes is going to go off and do the Bond movie, so there's another director that we're talking to right now… The hardest thing was with the Preacher books was how to distill [them] down. And [August] made the smart decision, instead of trying to cram everything into one, there's plenty of room for 2 or 3 movies. So that's what he's done and he's done a really faithful adaption but made it probably more accessible to a broader audience right now. That movie's definitely R-rated and it's an amazing central character."

In regards to The Boys, the adaptation of another popular Garth Ennis comic book series, Moritz says: 'There's a number of actors coming forward saying they want to do the movie. We're not in a hurry to do it. We want to do it right and we got a really good faithful to the comic book script that [Matt] Manfredi and [Phil] Hay wrote, who wrote Clash of the Titans and many other things for us including R.I.P.D. and other things. And we love what they've done with the script. And we've been very careful there's been a number of people wanting to do the movie. We're very careful how we're going to put that movie together.'

In regards to Escape from New York, the long-rumored remake of the 1981 Kurt Russell action classic, Moritz says: "Yes, we have a script. We're out to directors right now. We've had quite a few meetings with directors and there's a couple of actors that are really interested in playing Snake and we'll see what happens… I have a huge affinity for the character of Snake Plissken and I have huge affinity for the central idea of that movie Escape from New York and there's a lot of characters and a lot of things that I like. We wouldn't be going off to try and remake it unless we really liked that movie. But we're also inventing some new things along the way.'

So there's plenty in there for fans of all the different projects to either be excited by or pissed off at (I don't think anyone will ever be excited by the Escape from New York remake). Moritz isn't a terrible producer by any means, but he's kind of hit or miss, and some of his movies turn out pretty mediocre (Fast & Furious, Prom Night, Click) while others turn out much better (I Am Legend, S.W.A.T.) but for the most part they're not always that great. I really hope he's trying to step up his game and deliver some higher quality features with that line-up he announced above, because I have high hopes for just about all of those projects, and I don't like seeing mediocre movies. I guess we'll just have to hope for the best. Which ones interest you?

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