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Clash of the Titans Movie Review: A Monstrous Misfire

Clash of the Titans Movie Review: A Monstrous Misfire: "


Crafting a new version of Clash of the Titans shouldn’t be a difficult task. You’ve got a hero, a quest, a few monsters and a handful of gods and humans kicking around as interested parties. It’s fun stuff, as long as the proportions are all correct.

The first time this story was told, by writer Beverly Cross and director Desmond Davis in 1981, the result wasn’t good by any stretch, but it had an undeniable charm. Thank the loving stop-motion animation from Ray Harryhausen, in part. But that film also felt like myth, even if it was myth stripped down and dressed back up as a studio picture.

This version, directed by Louis Leterrier, is a lot like his last movie, The Incredible Hulk, if you replaced the personality of Edward Norton and Tim Roth with a flatline piece of work by Sam Worthington and big extra dollop of CGI. The original had a host of good actors gamely working with the material; this time most are hiding behind wigs and make-up, likely hoping they end up on the cutting room floor where a lot of the movie’s connective tissue seemingly lies.Read the rest of this post on SlashFilm.com…

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