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New Justice League Rumblings from DC Comics' Geoff Johns

New Justice League Rumblings from DC Comics' Geoff Johns: "
Justice League

Earlier today I stopped by the Geoff Johns panel at WonderCon in San Francisco to hear what one of the best comic book authors today had to say about, well, everything. If you haven't heard, Johns was recently promoted to CCO (Chief Creative Officer) at DC Comics and also works as a consultant at DC Entertainment at Warner Bros. When asked about a Justice League movie, now that WB is focusing more on DC Comics movies, Johns said simply, 'can't talk about it yet, but we'll talk in San Diego.' He is, of course, referring to the San Diego Comic-Con in July, which we expect the Green Lantern movie to have a very big presence at.

Of course, we may be reading into this a little too much (but then again, both SlashFilm and ComingSoon thought this was worth mentioning as well). While he wouldn't say much about anything (except that Green Lantern looks awesome so far), his hint there's more to come at the San Diego Comic-Con in July sounds like they're planning to make some sort of announcement or reveal something (or have some major news ready) by then. I guess we'll find out. But after the disastrous JLA movie that George Miller was working on a few years back, I'm kind of excited to hear that a proper Justice League movie may finally be in the works.

In regards to his role at DC and how it crosses over into the cinematic world, Johns explained that he's 'in charge of the creative consistency of the DC Universe' and also promised that we will 'see a lot more DC movies.' Answering another question about carrying over themes from the comics, Johns explained that his 'goal is to make sure our thematics and the details look and match what we do in the comics' which is exactly why he's currently working there as a consultant. And as for an update on The Flash movie, 'we're developing it right now' but that's all he would say. It sounds like a lot is in the works at DC Entertainment.

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