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Clive Owen and Daniel Bruhl Cast in Fresnadillo's 'Intruders'

Clive Owen and Daniel Bruhl Cast in Fresnadillo's 'Intruders': "
Clive Owen & Daniel Bruhl

What happened to BioShock? Heat Vision is reporting that Clive Owen and German actor Daniel Bruhl, who played Fredrick Zoller in Inglourious Basterds, have been cast in Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's new thriller Intruders. Shooting is supposed to start in June in London and Madrid. So it looks like BioShock really has been delayed again, since that was possibly going to be Fresnadillo's next movie after Gore Verbinski left the project. Oh right, it's Universal, they're canceling everything that could be good. So what is Intruders about? Well, all we know is that the story centers on an 11-year old girl who's forced to confront childhood demons.

Clive Owen will play the girl's father, but no word on who Bruhl will play. Casting is still underway, but they have a few months to go before shooting starts, so I'm sure we'll hear more about this. Heat Vision does say that Fresnadillo is 'still attached to direct Bioshock' but this will indeed be his next English-language movie since 28 Weeks Later. Universal Pictures International is financing the project with Spanish media company Antena 3, but Universal is not necessarily distributing in the US. I'm curious to hear more about the plot, as this could be an interesting little project. Maybe this means that Clive Owen could end up in BioShock, too?

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