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Development on Gears of War Movie Coming to a Halt Again?

Development on Gears of War Movie Coming to a Halt Again?: "
Gears of War

We've been hearing small updates here and there for the past couple years on the development of a Gears of War movie. There hasn't been any major news on the project for some time, and last we knew, director Len Wiseman (Live Free or Die Hard) was still helming the project. However, LA Times' 24 Frames has discovered the development on the film has slowed to a crawl as the film's story and budget have been scaled back significantly, and Wiseman is instead giving his full attention to the apocalyptic mystery film Nocturne instead. Though technically the director is still attached, it looks like this will be the end of his involvement.

Along with Wiseman's departure, any chance of Kate Beckinsale's involvement (which has been mentioned before) will probably go right along with him. Sadly, this isn't the only change that will leave the Gears of War movie in shambles, as what was once a $100 million budget has been cut by a large percentage and the story has been turned into a typical invasion story as opposed to a huge, epic battle. Sad news for fans of the video game who were looking forward to a respectable adaptation, but with no video game ever getting a quality adaptation (no, not even Prince of Persia), perhaps it's for the better. Maybe the project will find new life with a different director down the road, but only time will tell. Who should direct this instead?

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