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Disney Rehires Writers to Start Work on Tron Legacy Sequel

Disney Rehires Writers to Start Work on Tron Legacy Sequel: "
Tron Legacy

Although we've heard rumblings before that Disney wants an entire Tron trilogy, Heat Vision has apparently just now confirmed that Disney is indeed already working on the sequel to Tron Legacy. The studio has recently rehired screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who worked on Legacy (along with a few other credited writers like Steven Lisberger) and are writers/producers on Lost as well. Unfortunately, that's all they've confirmed, and we don't know if director Joseph Kosinski will be back (I've heard they're trying to get him back) or anything else about the cast returning or the story. This is usually a very good sign, though.

Although I'm sure someone will argue with me, I believe that if a studio greenlights a sequel this early, it's usually a very good sign that they know they've got a hit and/or a great movie on their hands (I'm hoping for both with Tron Legacy). Of course, it could also be that Tron Legacy producer Sean Bailey got promoted up to Head of Production at Disney and quickly made sure that the trilogy got a greenlight. Either way, this is good news, even if there are 8 months left until Legacy hits theaters. From what we've seen, especially the teaser trailer, this is movie going to be awesome and I know I'll definitely want a sequel. Same with you?

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