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Peter Hedges to Write, Direct & Produce His Novel The Heights

Peter Hedges to Write, Direct & Produce His Novel The Heights: "
The Heights / Peter Hedges

About 17 years ago author Peter Hedges went from author to screenwriter by adapting his own debut novel What's Eating Gilbert Grape into a feature film (which is available on Netflix Instant this week) that starred Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio. Not a bad way to start up your screenwriting career to say the least. Then a decade later, Hedges would make his directorial debut with the Sundance film Pieces of April. Since then he has also directed Dan in Real Life and now Variety reports he is now setting out to write, direct, and produce an adaptation of his own novel (what a show-off!) The Heights, his first novel in over a decade.

Published last month, Hedges' novel tells the story of a seemingly perfect husband and wife, Tim and Kate, who are raising their children in an affluent neighborhood of Brooklyn known as the Heights. Their lives are turned upside down when a wealthy couple moves in next door. Though the concept itself doesn't seem that intriguing on the surface, What's Eating Gilbert Grape sounded just as mundane, and it's a truly engaging drama with stellar performances (which this could potentially be). Dan in Real Life wasn't amazing (Dane Cook certainly didn't help) but it wasn't awful either. I'm interested in seeing how the author visualizes his own story now that he's sitting behind the camera of an adaptation of his own original work. Thoughts?

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