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Iron Man 2: Three New Photos Including Whiplash and his Cockatoo

Iron Man 2: Three New Photos Including Whiplash and his Cockatoo: "

Marketing for Iron Man 2 has ramped up this week: First we were greeted with an international movie poster, and a domestic version of the poster sans Mickey Rourke. Yesterday Marvel launched a viral website for the film promoting Tony Stark’s Stark Expo 2010. And last night we got a glimpse at the Black Widow character poster which will be exclusively available at WonderCon this weekend. Today Marvel Entertainment has released three new photos from the movie on Yahoo.

You can see all three photos after the jump, including our first look at Ivan Vanko aka Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) and his bird. We learned a while back that Rourke insisted that his character have a cockatoo, which he talks to and gets drunk with while he’s making the Whiplash suit. Also after the jump is a photo of director Jon Favreau as Stark’s chauffeur and personal assistant “Happy” Hogan, carrying the transforming briefcase Iron Man Suit we’ve seen in the trailers. Also, another photo of Iron Man.

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