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Jamie Foxx is Getting Animated with 'Welcome to the Jungle'

Jamie Foxx is Getting Animated with 'Welcome to the Jungle': "
Jamie Foxx

Quite possibly one of the coolest achievements for any actor is to have themselves transformed into some sort of animated character. It looks like Jamie Foxx will be the next actor to live that dream for the first time in his career as Variety reports he and Fox Animation are collaborating on an animated flick, in which he will also star, called Welcome to the Jungle, based on an original pitch from Foxx and writer Malcolm Spellman. The only hint at the film's storyline is the tagline: 'Life is a jungle and welcome to it.' It looks like this might be more of a musical geared animated flick with Foxx writing original music for the feature, too.

It also sounds like Foxx may be pulling an Eddie Murphy in taking on multiple roles/voices for the project as Spellman (who will also write the script) says the film is 'built to utilize Jamie's talent with voices and as a musician.' Of course Jamie Foxx is no stranger to comedy (though it may not have always been good) as the actor started his career on the sketch show 'In Living Color,' and had his own sitcom 'The Jamie Foxx Show' way before he headed down the dramatic road with roles like Ray and Collateral. Since it's animated, it will probably be quite awhile before we see this one hit theaters, but stay tuned as this project develops.

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