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Kal Penn Will Return for A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Kal Penn Will Return for A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas: "
Harold & Kumar

A little while back we received word from John Cho that A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, the third installment of the stoner comedy series that all started with White Castle, was definitely on the way, and it might be filming as early as this summer for a hopeful holiday release this year. However, at the time Cho (Harold) wasn't sure if his counterpart Kal Penn (Kumar) would be returning since his job at The White House was keeping him busy. But now Deadline reports, though not necessarily definitively, that Penn will indeed return for the sequel, which shoots in summer and, get this, is being seriously considered for 3-D.

Deadline simply says they're 'doing the film in 3-D,' so I'm not entirely sure if that just means they want to shoot it in 3-D or convert it in post-production. Obviously the former would be the better choice, but either way, a 3-D flick geared towards the stoner crowd will definitely hit the mark. Though Kal Penn infamously left his regular series role on 'House' for a job with President Obama's administration as associate director of the White House Office Of Public Engagement, apparently his recruitment for that position came with the agreement that it would only be for one year. And since it's getting close to the time when he'll be vacating that position, so it's pretty much certain that we'll see Cho and Penn back together on-screen for one smoky R-rated comedy that will give a whole new meaning to lighting up the Christmas Tree. Sound good fans?

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