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Leaves of Grass Pushed to Summer, But That's Not a Bad Thing

Leaves of Grass Pushed to Summer, But That's Not a Bad Thing: "
Leaves of Grass

Usually when you hear about a film getting pushed back, it's not a good thing. The most recent exception to this presumption is Wall Street 2, which was supposed to be released in April, but was pushed back until September after execs screened the film and realized they had a truly great sequel on their hands worthy of an awards season release. Add another exception to the rule as Tim Blake Nelson's Leaves of Grass, an indie starring double Edward Nortons, has been pushed back from its release which was only two days away. However, this is good news according to Norton who just updated his Twitter explaining the delay.

The film has been making the festival run since last year (Alex gave it a very good review when he saw in Toronto), but it looks like its run at SXSW was the source of this new release date push. Norton tweeted:

'Update on [Leaves of Grass]: Very good news, the film has been picked up by a new company and will be given a much wider summer release. Details to come but we're all really happy because now it will likely get to many more cities than just NY and Dallas. This happened very much due to great audience response and reviews and press out of SXSW. So huge thanks to everybody in Austin.'

Obviously with Twitter's 140 character limit, that's several updates rolled into one quote, but you get the idea. Roger Ebert called the film 'some kind of sweet, wacky masterpiece,' and 'one of the year's best' in his review, so it sounds like this is a film that deserves to be seen by the largest possible audience and if the trailer is any indication, Edward Norton's dual roles will be a real treat for everyone. For now, we're not exactly sure when the new release date will be, but it's definitely going to be sometime this summer, so we'll let you know when the new release date is officially set! Who's still looking forward to seeing this?

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