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Paul Greengrass is Directing That Fantastic Voyage Remake!

Paul Greengrass is Directing That Fantastic Voyage Remake!: "
Fantastic Voyage

The lyrics to a Coolio (or David Bowie) song also titled Fantastic Voyage would've been a fun headline, but I digress. Heat Vision reports Paul Greengrass (of The Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum and Green Zone) is moving away from the politically charged thrillers he's been enveloped in and will direct the long-gestating big budget remake of the 1966 sci-fi flick Fantastic Voyage. Produced by James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment, the film will be an updated take on the story which revolves around a team of scientists who are shrunk to atomic size and sent on a miniature submarine inside the body of a scientist to save his life.

I'll harp on remakes as much as some people work on the railroad: all the livelong day. However, Fantastic Voyage is definitely one film that can benefit from a modern remake with all the advancements we've made in special effects. And as you've already assumed, the Shane Salerno (Shaft, AVP: Requiem) script will be coming at you in 3-D. I'm excited for Greengrass to take on such a big budget commercial film that isn't like his usual fare, but at the same time, I'm disappointed because this will probably ruin any chance of a Magic School Bus movie featuring their adventures in the human body. Or maybe it'll fast-track at another studio! Either way, count me in as long as Greengrass keeps the camera a little more steady this time. Thoughts?

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