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Must Watch: Viral Teaser Trailer for Space Paranoids Online!

Must Watch: Viral Teaser Trailer for Space Paranoids Online!: "
Space Paranoids Online Game

This looks awesome! If you read up about the Tron Legacy viral event at WonderCon a few weeks ago, you may have heard that Alan Bradley announced that the original Space Paranoids game would soon become an online playable game. If you thought that was just part of the stunt, guess again, as FlynnLives.com has just been updated with an awesome new teaser trailer (you can watch it below) for the actual online playable Space Paranoids game. Yes, once this is released online it's going to consume endless hours of your life until this December when Tron Legacy finally lands in theaters. You've been warned… but check this out anyway!

Watch the official teaser trailer for Encom's Space Paranoids Online:

If you remember back to Comic-Con last year, Flynn's Arcade had about 10 or so arcade units running this exact game with an old school joystick. So they've had the game for a while, and now Encom has created an online version of it. You can bet there will be some new viral events that will come with this, as Bradley said in San Francisco that there'll be '15 new levels in Space Paranoids designed by Kevin Flynn himself,' which means that Flynn is probably going to 'contact' us through the game (part of the ARG concept). The only bad news is that they don't list a release date. I've got to imagine it'll be up and running soon, right?

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