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Ruben Fleischer Officially Directing '30 Minutes or Less' Next

Ruben Fleischer Officially Directing '30 Minutes or Less' Next: "
Ruben Fleischer

After the success of Zombieland, director Ruben Fleischer had more than a couple choices to follow up his horror comedy other than the forthcoming sequel. Speculation involved a couple of different comedies and supposedly even an offer to direct Mission Impossible 4, but instead of going the action franchise route, Fleischer is keeping his next project in the comedic wheelhouse as Production Weekly confirms via Twitter that he will begin production on one of the previously mentioned projects, 30 Minutes or Less, an action comedy about a pizza delivery guy on an unlikely caper. Danny McBride has joined, but not as the lead.

Instead, McBride is looking to join the cast as one of the goons in pursuit of the pizza guy, and according to SlashFilm, has 'some serious daddy issues.' Hunter recently read the whole script (which appeared on the '09 Black List), and while he doesn't offer anymore plot details, he points out that the content and humor from writers Michael Diliberti and Matthew Sullivan (who also wrote L.A.P.I., another project with Danny McBride involved) will fit right in with Fleischer and McBride's comedic sensibilities. He says they have a talent for 'biting political incorrectness, affected but not wholly unlikable white oafs, and a keen trigger for pops of violence and blood out of left field.' Sounds about right to me. Stay tuned as we wait to hear more.

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