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Tony Scott on Potzdamer Platz w/ Bardem, Rourke & Statham?

Tony Scott on Potzdamer Platz w/ Bardem, Rourke & Statham?: "
Javier Bardem, Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham

That's right folks, director Tony Scott might actually be directing a movie without Denzel Washington as Deadline reports a drama with the messy title Potzdamer Platz might be his next project after finishing Unstoppable, the action flick starring Chris Pine, and, yes, Denzel Washington. Apparently the filmmaker already has the interest of Javier Bardem, Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham for a story about two soldiers in a New Jersey-based crime family who try to expand internationally, however it's unclear if they're all interested in the same part, or three different roles. Apparently this has been in development since 2000.

This is one of a couple of passion projects that Scott has brought up occasionally over the years along with a remake of the Walter Hill's Warriors. The original script by Buddy Giovinazzo has been rewritten by Sexy Beast writers David Scinto and Louis Mellis, and it's looking like the title may end up getting changed, as it references a train station and bustling commerce center in Germany and the setting for the story is being changed to Puerto Rico. Apparently, at one time, Gene Hackman was getting coaxed by Scott to join the flick, but Deadline's insiders say that's not going to happen. He must be busy enjoying all that sweet dough from doing voiceovers on Lowe's commercials. Sounds like it could be an interesting project. Thoughts?

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