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Rumor: That Red Sonja Film Has Been Offered to Megan Fox

Rumor: That Red Sonja Film Has Been Offered to Megan Fox: "
Megan Fox

After a recent casting addition that brought Rose McGowan aboard the brand new Conan film, rampant speculation began that she might be playing Red Sonja, a well-known character from the Conan universe. After all, she has been attached to play the character for a couple years in a Robert Rodriguez produced adaptation, despite endless delays getting the project started which Rodriguez recently confirmed himself. Though he cites a desire from other producers to get Conan off the ground first, Pajiba has discovered that all previous developments on the project have been nixed, and an offer is now out to Megan Fox to star.

This sounds like a better idea, not only because McGowan isn't really young enough to take on a potential franchise like this, but because Fox is going to need a new franchise where she's not just the love interest. With Red Sonja, she can still be stunningly hot, potentially badass and rake in the money from fanboys who just want to see her fight in the skimpiest outfit that PG-13 will allow. And let's be honest, McGowan is to Rodriguez what Helena Bonham Carter is to Tim Burton. We get it. Stop working together on everything.

So this news coupled with Rodriguez' somewhat disassociating words about the project makes a Red Sonja cameo from McGowan all the less likely, but it sounds like the feature project is still moving along in some capacity. Though McGowan and apparently director Douglas Aarniokoski are off the project, producers are looking for someone to take another pass at David N. White's script as this new incarnation of the project takes form. Fox hasn't shown much actual talent yet, but she might be able to pull this off. McGowan is one kick ass chick, but I'm just not sure she was right for Red Sonja from the start. What do you guys think?

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