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Story Details Emerge for A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Story Details Emerge for A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas: "
Harold & Kumar

Story isn't the most important part of a comedy that is fueled by dick and weed jokes, but it's interesting to find out where the titular characters of A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas find themselves, and what kind of shenanigans they'll encounter in the holiday season. Luckily Vulture got their hands on a recent draft of the script which, as John Cho revealed recently, finds the smoked out duo estranged as Harold is a married, drug-free, Wall Street executive living in a home that looks 'like a house in a Nancy Myers movie' while Kumar is single, living in the man-cave with his medical license suspended for smoking marijuana.

It's not as if a spoiler for this kind of movie is a big concern, but if you want to go into this completely blind, read no further, as there are mild spoilers ahead regarding the adventures Harold & Kumar will have this go-round courtesy of writers and franchise creators Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg and recently hired director Todd Strauss Schulson. At the script's beginning its been a long time since these friends have seen each other, but the duo is reunited when a package, intended for Harold, arrives at their old apartment and Kumar delivers it to his house. While there, in a pot-related mishap, Kumar burns down a Christmas tree grown special by Harold's father-in-law, requiring the two to venture out in search of a worthy replacement.

What follows are more of the wacky misadventures we expect, including waffle-making robots, a drug-taking baby, the return of Neil Parick Harris hosting a Christmas special with Kelly Ripa, and even a psycho-active eggnog induced five-page claymation sequence with a giant evil snowman chasing them through Manhattan (which I hope takes on the form of the old animated Christmas specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). This sequence is one of the driving forces behind a desire to actual shoot the movie in 3-D rather than the shitty conversion method everyone has been hating on, but who knows what will happen.

I've gotta say, as overexposed as 3-D is becoming, a stoner comedy should be able to utilize the technology in so many great ways, especially because its audience will also probably be high as the Christmas Star in Rockefeller Center. The only sad news is that this sequel won't see release this year after all, but will have to wait until holiday season in 2011 or 2012. Anyone liking the sound of this smoked out holiday fun?

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