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Rough House Lands the Rights to a 'Barefoot Burglar' Movie

Rough House Lands the Rights to a 'Barefoot Burglar' Movie: "
The Barefoot Burglar

If you didn't already know, Danny McBride, Jody Hill and David Gordon Green now have their own recently founded production company called Rough House Pictures, and Variety reports they've added a new project to their roster as they will produce the film Taking Flight: The Hunt for a Young Outlaw based on the nefarious activities of Colton Harris-Moore (seen above), one of the most infamous Frank-Abagnale-worthy teen criminals, known as 'The Barefoot Burglar,' who has been seen on more than a few news outlets in his successful evasion of police and FBI in the theft of cars, boats and even planes (see Time). Holy shit, right?

The teen is still at large, has taunted authorities, and has a huge Facebook following as well. He is a suspect in more than 100 crimes, mostly felonies, in the Pacific Northwest since escaping from a juvenile facility in 2008. Harris-Moore was dubbed 'The Barefoot Burglar' after being seen running barefoot from the scene of a crime. Rough House is looking for writers to pen the script for this project, which is anticipated to be a directing gig for David Gordon Green (Snow Angels, Pineapple Express). But with no script yet, and the project still only in the very early in development stage, anything could happen. Still, stay tuned to see how this project ripped straight from the headlines plays out both in the industry, and in real life. Sound good?

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